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We are a group Babalawos and Olórìsàs initiated in the traditions of the cult of Ifá - Òrisà, resident in Tenerife Spain, Sweden, Cuba, Costa Rica and Nigeria who believes that Olodumare is our only God and creator of the universe.

We are worshipers of a sacred legacy of our àterúdérú (ancestors that suffered slavery). We believe in a trilogy of the creation, Olódùmarè - Òrúnmìlà - Ela Omo Osin. We have decided to publicize the work of our religious Ilé.

Our Ilé was consecrated with the name of Ilé Abomalé
Ifá - Òrisà
that means (home of those who worship the ancestors). It was founded on November 17, 2004, by Mr. Jorge Beltrán Olodù Òsá Ìwòrì, omofá Fernando Molina Ogbè Méjì, omofá José Herrera Ogbè Òdí, omofá Bernaldo Rojas Ìretè Òdí, omofá Adesina Òbàrà Méjì.

We also count with the advice from our Baba Olodù, Idowu-Fagbohun Fasipe. Ojugbona. Awo Alaafin of Oyo. Olugbon Awo of Iseyin. President of the National Council for Ifa Religion, chapter State  of Oyo. Spiritual leader of the International Council for Ifa Religion. Patron and founder of Ile Fagbohun Mi.

And his son, Oluwo Otunba Kehinde Idowu-Fagbohun. Otunba Ifa of the Yoruba Village. Jagunmolu  Edu of Oyo. President and founder of Isese youth organization, international office of the youth Orunmila, chapter Nigeria. Coordinator of the Youth International Council for Ifa Religion. Director of Ile Fagbohun Mi.

Ifagbohunmi house was founded in February 2002.
We have made this name to our Ile in honor of our father Fagbohun Akande who was the only son of Idowu  Atanda. Who according to our history was the one who has accompanied the Alaafin Atiba from the old Oyo empire to the new Oyo to help in its revival. It was the Alaafin´s Babalawo of Oyo in those times. He was also in charge of the cult of  "Òrisà Orun" (The Deity of Heaven).

The members of the Ile Fagbohun are the Omo Awo (Babalawos and Olórìsàs), initiated and trained in the mysteries of  Ifá- Orìsà
by our father Baba Fasipe Fagbohun.

With the purpose of bringing together all the Babalawo and Olórìsàs initiated in Ìsefá, Jèkígboyè, and all those who wants to learn about our customs and religious traditions. We will try to give our humble knowledge of de Ifá - Òrisà to all the children of Olódùmarè, and provide guidance through Òrúnmìlà (Elérì Ìpin Ibìkejì Olódùmarè) to those who need it.

Explain any doubts regarding your odù of initiation or any questions you think necessary. Always based on the fundamentals of our sacred scriptures and without violating any secret of our tradition that are in our care. You may send your opinions and suggestions, and any questions or concerns you have regarding to our e-mail.

All information that will be edited on this page will be completely free, and any guidance requested by any brother will be treated with the necessary discretion. You will find different interesting topics that will be updated each month. Just as the letters of the years that shall govern in our places of residence.

Ilé Abomalé Ifá-Òrisà feel an obligation to step out of so many irregularities, frauds and swindles that are happening by unscrupulous people who try to tarnish our traditions Ifá-Òrisà and discredit the legitimacy of our worship, which has been written with blood and suffering of the slaves who were brought from Africa in the late eighteenth century and largely those belonging to the Yoruba ethnic group. Our line is as African as the Ìrókò tree.

Ilé Abomalé Ifá- Òrisà want to acknowledge all those Babaláwos and Olórìsàs who strive every day so that our traditions remains intact and original. For reasons that new generations can have all the wisdom and beauty of our worship.

Olóò ótó ki í léni, Otító dójà ó kùtà, Owó bíntín là n ra èkeé.

(Those who tell the truth never win much, the truth goes to the market but is not sold, the lie takes very little to buy.)

Òrúnmìlà teaches us in the odù Ogbè Méjì.

K´á má fi kánjúkánjú j´ayé.
K´á m´fi wàràwàrà n´okùn orò.
Ohun a bá fi s´àgbá,
K´á má fi sè´bínú
Bí a bá dé´bi t´ó tútù,
K´á simi-simi.
K´á wò´wajú ojó lo títí
K´á tún bò wá r´èhìn òràn wò.
Nítorí àti sùn ara eni ni.


Do not let us take the world on the run
Do not let us hold the rope of wealth impatiently
Than it should be treated with a mature trial
Do not let us treat it with a state of uncontrolled passion
When we get to a cold place,
Leave us to rest fully
Let us give constant attention to the future
Let us give deep consideration to the consequences of things
And this because of our eventual step.

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