Ìyáàmi Òsòròngá


The odu that brought the cult of witchcraft (Ìyáàmi Òsòròngá) to Earth was the odu Òsá Méjì.

According Òsòròngá Ìyáàmi Ifa is the sacred name that receives the entity that represents the feminine generative power of life for excellence. This power means everything that relates to the feminine part in nature. His pumpkin is the mythic representation of the uterus, which is the generator of all things. The tangible representation is the magnificent African Òsòròngá, a mythical bird whose onomatopoeic sound names the oldest of the Iya (a powerful lady of the night). Ìyáàmi treasures and saves the mysteries of life, she has the power to manage the natural order of life and the power to eliminate, as a method of balance.

Ìyáàmi, maintains the balance of nature, severely punishing those who break the laws of Ifa. The balance and order is very delicate when it comes to Ìyáàmi, nothing should be done in regards to Òrìsá, if the Ifa priest does not have the proper instruction, our mother witch, does not allow anyone to make sacrifices.

Throughout the liturgical people of Ifa, they teache and highlight the superiority of the Ìyámis. More precisely in the Òsá Méjì Odu, Ifa teaches his enormous power, the control over the elements ÌyáàmiÒsòròngá regarding the most dignified element ,blood and its power to generate life and control it in the most bizarre way.

The Odu Ifa says that Ogbe Òsá Ìyáàmi’s energy is used for better and for worse.

Ogbe'sa gun'gi. Ogbe's g'aja.
A d'ifa fun gbogbo eleiye, ti nwon nti'kole Orun bo wa'le aiye.
Nigbati nwon de'le aiye, nwon ni awon fe ni ibudo.
Nwon ni, ibodo meje ni opo ile aiye.
Nwon ni, meje naa ni ibi ti awon yio ni ibudo si.
Nwon ni, akoko ti awon o koko ni ibudo.


Ogbè Òsá climbed to a tree
Ogbè Òsá climbed to the roof
Ifa was consulted to all the birds serum, that came from heaven to connect to earth
When they came to earth they said, that they desire to find a place to live in
They said that seven residencies where seven anchors on earth
As said, this seven places will be where you will live (en the societies of some women, there are three qualities of birds and the spirits there are seven,
this refers to the seven qualities of the elemental spirits used in Ìyáàmi Òsòròngá)

They said that they would satify in the Iwo tree caled Orogbo (the Orogbos herbal quality is to compel a person to tell the truth)
They said that they would live in a Arere tree (Arere means fountain of the fortune)
They said that they would live in the Ìrókò tree (this is a traditional place of an ancient chapel that belonged to the ancestors)
They said that they would live in the Iya tree (this is home of the ancestral mothers)
They said that they would live in the Asurin tree (this refers to a manifestation of god fortune)
They said that they would live in the Obobo tree (the main tree from the forest that represents the elemental and main Asé)
They said that they would stay in each of this trees and that their will had to be done in each one of this trees

They said that if one fly to the Iwo tree it would bring god fortune
They said that if one fly to the Arere tree, nothing would destroy this god fortune of human beings.
They said that if one fly to the Ìrókò tree they will meditate and they would provoke an accident to a human being
They said that if one fly to the Iya tree they will let go of his life
They said that if one fly to the Asurin tree all the people will manifest their dreams
They said that if one fly to the Obobo tree they will have acces to the energi and the birds

It is in the Asurin tree that you will make your domestic beginning and you will chant the following song:

Gbogbo eleiye, igi asurin l'e, igi asurin l'egun o
(All birds were placed in the tree Asurin)

When you have sung this song, if you wish to go to the sea, you will go to the sea, if you wish to go to the lake, you go to the lake, and you get in a blink of an eye. If you say you will circle the earth, you will quickly circle the earth. If you say you will go to heaven you will go even faster. The Asurin is the place where the birds find their energy.

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