The ocean and the great wealth of the planet such as oil, gas, gold, precious minerals, fish, marine life and an endless number of important recourses, belong to Olókun. That is why he is considered as one of the most powerful and prosperous Òrisà. He is called by Oba Omi king of the waters or Àjíbáajéi, the spirit that wakes up to find the money.

He is the Òrisà with the greater stability in the Yorùbá pantheon and represents ¾ of the earth and his richness is infinite.

Religious scriptures says that his temple is silver on the outside and ivory on the inside, this divinity is considerably larger than any of the top leaders on earth and he is designed to prosperity, he is responsible for providing substantial and wealthy material to humans on earth. He is worshiped in a part in the state of Lagos and in Ilè Ifè of Nigeria, Africa. Olókun is a divinity as powerfull as Ògún, Sàngo and Sànpònná.

His favourite colour is black, even thought he arrived to earth dressed in white.

According to the Ifá scriptures in adù Baba Ogbé Méjì, Òtúá Ogbé needed to visit the land on the other side of the ocean, but he did not have any funds to do it. So he decided to go and visit Òrúnmìlà, to ask for his advice.

Òrúnmìlà made him one Osode in which he could see odù Baba Ogbé Méjì. Òrúnmila told Odù Baba Ogbé Méjì that he had to sacrifice a white bull and many offers to Olókun.

Òtúá Ogbé worked hard trough several days until he gather together what Òrúnmìlà had told him to, so he could go trough whit his ebo, Òtúá Ogbé went to the bank of the sea with the implements that was marked to his ebo and feed Olókun. When he was done with the incantation to Olókun, he was stunned when he saw Olókuns power when the ocean opened, so that he could fulfil his wish.

There is a ceremony, to receive this deity, but what very few people knows, is that the person that receives this deity, also receives an ensemble of deities who will live with him.

Asú: Sand

Efe: Represents Olókun’s spiritualities and is embodied in the Marine Mammals (manatí). This deity restrains and balances the other spirits and Olókun’s powers. It commands Olókuns head

Aye Saluga: Is represented with seashells

Olósà and Olónà: Saint of the lagoon

Ikokó: Represents Olókun’s Osun

Osará: Òrisà of the underground lakes

Boromu: Òrisà of the currents of the ocean

Somunganga: Represents life

Akaro: Represents death

Borosia: Òrisà of the sea tornados and air currents

Jembo: Òrisà of the sea foam

Òrisà Aje: Òrisà who provides stability and strength

Agana Ekun: Represents the prosperity of the Oceans

Añagui Olókun: Is the Èsú who follows Olókun trough his travels on earth

Ègún of Olókun: Lives in one ibu painted in white, blue and black. The white represents the sea foam, the blue represents the surface and the black colour represents great depths

Osányìn of Olókun: Lives in a jar painted in green and white. His function is the control of Oloná and Olosá, this are children of Olókun and Òsún

Ero Olókun: Grandson and guardian of Olókun. He lives in a little calabash that hangs in the jar

When all the Òrisàs cast their lot on the different parts on earth, some of them obtained great territories, while other obtain small, with different powers and attributes. Because of Olókun’s betrayal against Òrúnmìlà, in his descendent to Aiye in the odú Ògúndá Méji, he was sent to live in Aije Eko (Atlantis).

In a mountain called Adura, lived a couple (man and women) their name was Ikeni and Iyakon, they engendered a dotter and named her Ajarmá Alesú, before they died at a very young age. Olókun fell in love with the doughter and he made her his, they had many children together and the children where placed in Aije Eko. When humans started to arrive to Aije Eko, Olókun made its domain inaccessible and sank them in the deep of the ocean. Such was the wealth of Olókun, that no king on earth possessed or ever will posses such things.

All kind of animals, grew In Olókun’s kingdom, especially geese, ducks and swans, also all kinds of vegetable, fruits and meats and that is the reason for Olókun’s awuán (a purifying that is made around a basket of vegetables, fruits and meats, offered to this Òrisà), in remembrance of his great wealth and to pay tribute to his domains, we perform this awuán, so we can get a little of him.

Oríkì Olókun
(Praising the spirit of the ocean)


Malókun bu owo wa, jími tètè núwà o. Oba omí ju Oba òkè.
Olókun, please provide me with abundance, so that I can have money quickly. The spirit of the ocean is larger than the head of the Earth

Malókun ni mo bá dá jími tètè núwà o. Oba omi ju Oba òkè.
It is to Olókun I turn, so that I can have abundance. The spirit of the ocean is larger than the head of the earth


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